Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Weird Tract Number 123: "Act Now To Stop Obama's Nazi Health Plan!" by the Lyndon LaRouche PAC

 Troy Davis writes:

lyndon larouche magazine

This isn't a religious tract; the Lyndon LaRouche movement is a secular political cult but it contains elements of a quasi-religion. Lyndon LaRouche (1922-2019) was a Marxist-turned-reactionary who became best known as a perennial presidential candidate. This 16-page magazine from 2009 has an inflammatory message about then-President Obama's plans for national health care. 

I received this tract from a Larouche zombie outide Sean Hannity's August 2009 Freedom Concert in San Diego. At the concert, I was seated directed behind Hannity's wife and kids. It was a surreal event.

I always enjoyed mocking Larouchies when I was an employee at USC and they would set up tables on the sidewalks adjacent to campus. LaRouchies swear to a vow of chastity so they were notoriously humorless when I mocked them. Typical condescending remark made to a LaRouchie: "Do your parents know you're doing this?" 

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